New England School of Feng Shui

Testimonials for The New England School of Feng Shui

The New England School of Feng Shui created a new career for me and opened windows of possibilities. Ana Morais (Arlington, MA)

The NE School of Feng Shui provided me with a comprehensive understanding of feng shui and its current application in Western culture. The variety of instructors gave me a broad, meaningful perspective and the expertise to develop my own feng shui practice. I absolutely recommend this program. Virginia Rowland (Shelbourne, VT)

I can absolutely say with all my heart that feng shui has reopened my creative soul -- I feel free and expressive. I'm walking a new path in life. I loved this program. Lisa Knapp (Kensington, CT)

Each teacher shared himself or herself very generously. For me, the receiving process has been more than intellectual. Ideas were taken in that have changed the way I look at and interact with the world. Thank you for creating the space in which this kind of learning could take place. Susan La Forte (Northhampton, MA)

This school brings in such a variety of presenters. It provided me with a broad view of feng shui and a strong base to begin to practice the art myself. I recommend this program because it is thorough without being rigid. Mary Minten

This program opens doors to all aspects of energy practice, whether for personal or professional advancement. This program is conducted with the utmost professionalism. It guides the students through a true unfolding. Catherine Nasto (Unionville, CT)

"My awareness has increased and I am more conscientious when designing my client's homes -- knowing the great impact the built environment will have on their lives." Yvette Monet, architect (Harwinton, CT)

"The New England School of Feng Shui has given me the opportunity to achieve my goal, to study Feng Shui and ultimately become a practitioner... the wide variety of workshops makes the program so appealing. We are truly learning from the best!" Carrie McDaniel (Orange, CT)

"I have benefited from this program by using all the information I have received to enhance my home, health, and relationships. Now I can take pleasure in passing on my knowledge... bringing balance and harmony into the lives of others." Terri Santopietro (Wolcott, CT)

"My environment now feels more alive -- more spacious -- more positive." Janice Burton (Carmel, NY)

"Before attending The New England School of Feng Shui I merely viewed my environment -- often through eyes not fully open. Today I absorb my environment through all of my senses." Rosemary Deming (Newington, CT)

"The New England School of Feng Shui offers a diverse program with teachers that embrace fascinating, extensive and varied feng shui experience and knowledge." Kathleen Ho (New Canaan, CT)

"This program has changed my life, in wonderful and unanticipated ways... I have developed a new perspective on my life and on my work... I am filled with excitement." Maureen Harmonay (Sterling, MA)

"This school has integrity. Susan and Amy exhibit caring and respect for the students, the teachers and each other. I liked knowing that top people were coming in from all over to teach us." Pat McGrath (Middletown, CT)

"I would recommend this program for the serious student -- every individual workshop is important and complete... It has changed the way I look at environments -- both home and office. It has encouraged and strengthened my spiritual goals, helping me to focus on what is really important." Mary Moross (Norwalk, CT)

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